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Chandra Thiell
Saskatchewan, Canada

Tell us a bit about your home and what you love about it the most?

I love that our home reflects who we are. It's comfortable, relaxed and welcoming. Our kitchen and living room face South and we are flooded with sunshine in those areas from the moment the sun wakes right through to dinner time. My favourite space is our family room above our garage. It's cozy and set off from the rest of the house so it gives you a more peaceful feeling when you need to take a break from the chaos!

What was the first DIY project you did to your home or first thing you made for it?

The first thing we did in our home was to convert our front entrance coat closet into a sitting area with hooks and storage. We were using the closet to store boxes that were yet to be unpacked and it was really not being utilized well! Now that we've made the change, I have storage for seasonal decorations and the kids and their friends have a space to sit and put their shoes on and hang all their gear up.

Do you have any tips for staying tidy & organised?

We've made it a habit to pick up 5-10 items each per night that may be out of their place. This helps keep the house organised and also helps the kids be mindful of cleaning up after themselves, because when you're tired and ready to hit the sack the last thing you want to do is clean up!

If you could tour any celebrities home, who would it be?

Chip & Joanna Gaines, I just love their style!

If you had three wishes, what changes would you make to your home?

The only thing I would wish for is to put an addition on our dining room so that we could host more people for dinner and special occasions (dream big!). Our dining room is so tiny right now that it makes it a challenge to host gatherings.

Do you do any other crafts and what are your hobbies?

I dabble in a little bit of everything. I often see something and think "hey! I could make that!" Now whether I actually do is a whole nother story!

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