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lather up! it's soap carving time
You can carve words, initials, shapes, and anything else you can dream up. Use the finished soap carvings as part of a tablescape at your next diy party, and then let guests choose their favorites to take home as party favors at the end of the night. OR keep it simple, and just use them in the bathroom to add a little charm (your choice of course).

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  • How to make soap. How To Make Custom Carved Soaps - Step 1
    Step 1

    Run each bar of soap under warm water and, using a dish sponge, gently rub off the top layer of soap to get rid of the carved brand name. It will probably take a few minutes of gentle running to remove the indentation of the brand name. This will give you a smooth, clean surface to work with.

    Let the soap dry out overnight.

    Now, using a soft pencil, gently draw your design on the soap. This will be your guide when you are carving. It’s okay if the marks don’t show up very well (it’s kind of difficult to write on soap). A slight indentation in the soap will work just fine as a guide.

    Using a linoleum carving tool start carving away the access soap, leaving your design raised. I’d recommend using the No. 6 knife attachment for large areas. And for curved and tighter areas, use the No. 5 and No. 4 carving attachments for curved and tighter areas.

  • How to make soap. How To Make Custom Carved Soaps - Step 2
    Step 2

    Take it further: Wrap your finished soaps in antique hankies and tie ‘em up with string. Now you have a unique (and practical) party favor for guests at the end of the party.

  • How to make soap. How To Make Custom Carved Soaps - Step 3
    Step 3

    Finished soap carvings.

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