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Our Review

If you see yourself as a bit of a foodie, then The Polymer Clay Cookbook by Jessica & Susan Partain is filled with adorable miniature nibbles that you can make and wear.

A cookbook with a difference, you'll learn everything you need to know about working with, moulding and cooking polymer clay. Whether you're a sweet tooth, fast food fanatic or a lover of world cuisine, this book has something for everyone. Complete with step-by-step instructions, make a pair of Glazed Cinnamon Roll earrings, a Sumptuous Sushi Platter necklace, Taco, Pretzel or Hamburger earrings, a Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts bracelet and a Swirly Lollipop pendant.

Cook up a clay storm in your kitchen and bake yourself some adorable accessories that would brighten up any outfit.

Check out a sample project from this book, Halloween Candy Corn Earrings.

You can pick up a copy of the book now from Random House.

Publisher's Description

The Polymer Clay Cookbook celebrates favorite foods with 20 tiny, deliciously realistic food charms to make from polymer clay and fashion into unique jewelry. Styled as a cookbook for the beginning miniaturist "chef," the introductory chapters discuss the "basic ingredients" and techniques used for polymer clay and jewelry-making. The remainder of the book offers 20 "recipes" grouped by category: fruits, breakfast, lunch and dinner, sweets and snacks, and holiday foods. Each recipe has a list of "ingredients," step-by-step directions with photographs, and suggested variations. Each piece is presented as a particular finished jewelry item, such as a necklace, but readers are encouraged to adapt the piece into any type of jewelry they choose. Each chapter also includes one of the authors' own cherished recipes for real food, including Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls, Grandma's Pasta Sauce, Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes, and Mom's Holiday Sugar Cookies. Throughout, the authors--who are sisters--share their enthusiasm for family, sisterhood, and the tradition and feelings surrounding our favorite foods.