diffrent christmas swap for 2014

i would love to swap with someone for next christmas
i wanna make christmas items like pillows , cards , ornaments and anything you can think off

i know its early hihi but i really love christmas en wanna decorate me house with cute christmas stuff

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1 reply since 8th January 2014 • Last reply 8th January 2014

Has anybody sent you a pm yet saying that usually vets of the sight start the swaps, and you typically have to do a newbie v. vet swap before any other swaps, and maybe a few more swaps at least before hosting your own.
I would be more than willing to do a personal swap with you, that is where you and another person find a topic or agreed upon objects to send to each other. You could PM me if you like to do that.
I hope that I was helpful, I just don't want you to go on unanswered.

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