Swapping and how does it work?

Hello everybody Happy

Firstly, I have been going through all the threads with a fine comb, reading and looking at all the things people have been swapping and it looks like absolutely fantastic fun. Happy And all your stuff has looked GREAT! (Such creative peoples).

I did however find it hard to locate any FAQs or 'Guides' on how the swapping works. So I had a few questions.

I have actually participated in a few swaps on other sites before but only 2 or 3 times so I'm still a bit confused.

1. What is the difference between a hosted swap and a normal swap?
2. What happens if you mail out your item and never received one back?
3. Are there any regulations with starting a swap thread?

Um, I think that's all I had. I do apologize if these questions should have been asked somewhere else, I poked my head around but couldn't see anywhere more appropriate (but I have been known to be blind before).

Thanks for any help! And can't wait to get back to reading about all your stuff !! Happy

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Hi and welcome aboard!

1. A hosted swap is where a fellow member starts up a themed swap which will be indicated in the topic for that thread. A normal swap-unless you mean like the ongoing swaps that we have here like the ATC'S, and Newbie swap, should have instructions on the first page of the thread.

2.Sadly its always a chance that this will happen, we had this happen over the last few years since I been on here thus why I started the newbie swap so everyone gets a feel of a swap. Sometimes things just happen, person loses internet or interest, or it gets lost in the mail. Its just a slight risk that we all take.

3.To start a swap thread, it might be easier once you complete the newbie swap to get some XP under your belt and take a look at how the other hosts run theirs, most hosts have their own little regulations on their swaps.

Hope this helps Happy


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Hey Lussuria and welcome to CO+k!! First of all, this is just a craft site where they allow us to post crafts, share and things like that, but it isn't a swap-site, Cat and Tom just give us the platform to do it, so there are no rules and guidelines to swaps as far as the site itself is concerned. The hosts of the swaps makes the rules.

Now to your first question, 1. A hosted swap is one that you actually host yourself and participate in with your set rules. A normal swap is where you join someone else' swap.

2. We hate to see it happen and sometimes it does, but when it does some hosts do angel their swaps, meaning if a member didn't receive anything from their partner then the host will make and send something to that person. Not all hosts do this, so it's kinda a wait and see how it goes type of thing. We hosts don't like to set really harsh rules about joining and "flaking" in swaps, just that you keep in touch with your partner throughout the process until both of you have sent out. There is usually a set date to send out but it's not set in stone. You and your partner can decide when you want to send out, again keeping the lines of communication open.

3. Again, there are no rules except your own when starting a swap thread. There are some swaps though, that some members didn't get a chance to join because of late sign up or what have you, so some would like to have it go again so they can join. It's only common courtesy to ask the original host of a swap if you can run a second round of the same swap if you would like to do it. I haven't seen any hosts here, including myself, who don't care to have some one else do a second round to their original swap if they don't plan on doing it.
Now, to get you started again and pretty much get the gist of participating in a swap, one of awesome members and swap host queen, Sug (Sugarlishes) has a ongoing swap for newbies where you sign up and a veteran swapper will volunteer to swap with you.


You can pretty much make anything you want, but we sometimes asks what our partners like to make customized creations just for them. Most hosts like for newbies to try that first before joining their swap, so check it out and hope I was of some help to you. If you have any more questions, we all here like to help each other out so don't be shy. Happy crafting!!

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Ahh, see Sug is her toes with this one!! LOL You can never get too much information.

I'm not too sure on my answer to your first question, so just go with Sug on that one.

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Thankyou both very much. That helps a lot.

Looks like I might need to wait a few weeks for a break in the work load and just plunge on into the newbie swap and give it a go Happy

Again - thankyou very much Happy

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