Swap for Hemp jewelry?

I've been selling Hemp bracelets and necklaces at school. $3 for a Bracelet, $4 for a bracelet with beads or a necklace, and $5 for a necklace with beads. Apart from the costs of the hemp and beads, I'm giving the money to Various charities.

I have many different colors, and there are three styles, flat, spiral, and chain. I'm currently coming up with different styles.

Well I'm willing to trade bracelets and necklaces for whatever, for frumpy hats like Jess' [http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/full_of_promises] or just supplies like earing hooks or chains or lobster-claw clasps, sewing needles, etc. Just message me or something and we can work something out.

I live in Las Vegas and if you don't live close, I am going to ask that you pay for half the shipping stuff. Happy

and yea... so there is that Happy

Oh, I'll be posting a Creation when I find my camera so sometime soon Happy

and if you want, I can personalize it with letter beads, your own colors, everything of your choice Happy

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