So The Distillers got me through a lot of crap and they dissolved when Brody had the baby really, but anyway she's back along with Tony from Distillers for Spinnerette. They're having trouble finding a label to release the new stuff *shakes fists* but anyway, the way I was when I listened to the Distillers to now is different so it's like Brody has got over some stuff and grown up a bit more as I have Happy



There's also a live song on youtube called Driving Song, but the quality isn't so good. People are saying crap like 'She's sold out' because they're such hardcore punks, she's grown up and her sound went with her!

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I agree with you (:.
She never claimed to be a punk anyway so whatever, lol.
I still hold the Distillers dear to my heart and they mean more to me than Spinerette probably ever will.. but i do love that she's doing her thing now in what suits her best at the moment, and i do love the music (:.

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