Styled: Printed Harem Pants

Ok, I know you may be shaking your head right now thinking,
Harem Pants? Is that code for the train-wreck that was Hammer Pants (aka Parachute Pants) in the 90's?
Believe me, I was NOT impressed when I saw this Hammer-Pant like trend make their way back onto retail floors.
But eventually they began to grow on me and I decided to give them a try.
So I took to the cyber pages of CalibreApparel,
my favorite place to purchase trendier pieces without having to spend too much,
and found a pair to "test" out.

Verdict: I was pleasantly surprised!
These pants are definitely a modern take on the 90's version.
Much more flattering with a lot less crotch-bag . Eww!
They are also pretty versatile.
So I styled up a pair 3 ways to give you a little inspiration.
For those of you who are scowling at the thought - don't leave yet, you may just see something you like.

Medium jean jacket
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