Hi, my names Sophia, I am a self-taught digital and traditional artist and I post on this page. I also create custom pieces and prints which are purchasable via my Etsy store (@sophiamsketches).

I have always had a passion for art since I was a little girl. Growing up, I have featured in local newspapers and art competitions. However when it came down to choosing a career at school, being an artist was frowned upon and made fun of so I went down the accountancy route.

The first lockdown made me realise that there is no point doing something that’ll please or impress others and instead I started to do what makes me happy.

I have got back into art and I would love to make it my career. I also want to educate others by teaching them what I’ve learnt over the years doing art.

Feel free to check out my Instagram @sophiamsketches as well as my Etsy shop with the same username. Any support is appreciated!

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