Ross Noble and Comedy

Saw Ross Noble Live last night for the third time. Absolutely fantastic! Came out of that show with a saw jaw from laughing sooo much! His show went for 3hrs! minus the 15min interval. Genius, absolute genius.

For those who don't know Ross Noble is a stand up comedian from the UK and the master of improv.

I'm a bit of a stand up comedian fan, with the Brits and the Irish being the best ;) When I traveled to England last year with my bf we ended up doing like a comedy circuit. Most people when they first travel over seas go see all the sites we on the other hand saw all the comedians. Russel Howard, Danny Bhoy, Dylan Moran, David O'Doherty (who I got to meet Happy), and our all time favs The mighty Boosh. We were lucky enough to attend the first ever Mighty Boosh Festival in Kent and then see them again in their Live show. Hehe we wanted to see more but we ran out of money Tongue Also saw The Umbilical Bros for the second time during that same trip (in Auckland though)got to meet them too. You have no idea how stoked I am about seeing all of my heros in one year ^_^ about the only thing that could have made it better was if we went to see Bill Bailey aswell!

Anyway enough of my bragging haha. Just wondering if anyone else out there have some fav comedians at all and if they have been lucky enough to see or even meet em?

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