Skirt styles for an average-sized lady?

I need some inspiration for skirts. I'm about as average as they come, 5'2", size Medium or 10. I've found that a lot of skirts don't really look that good on me, even though I like to wear them rather than pants.

The only skirts I've really made in the past have been wrap skirts, asymmetrical skirts, circle skirts, skirts ruched on one side, and pencil skirts. Most of those styles look okay on me, but I just don't feel comfortable in pencil or wrap skirts.

I've been wanting a bubble skirt and I started a skirt last night that I might turn into one, but I feel like it does nothing for my waistline unless I wear heels.

I mostly wear boots with a medium heel (2-3 inches) or flat sneakers. Admittedly, I have pretty thick, muscular calves and thick thighs, so I want a skirt that will maybe make my legs look longer when I'm not wearing heeled boots.

I'd love to hear what you all think I should look into. I don't want to make the same skirt in a different fabric over and over again just to avoid wearing pants, lol.

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