How do you organize?

How do you organize the things you buy for your favorite craft? Share your ideas and pictures if you'd like. I would love to have some inspiration.

I am limited on space for my hobbies and was happy when I found a couple of really cool wire baskets at the store the other day and picked them up. They were only $1.98 so I couldn't resist. One is a gold color and the other a brass. I used one of them to place the items that were starting to collect on my desk for various projects. It's small enough I was able leave it sitting there so everything is easy to grab. The second one I used for specific items that will be are used in the craft classes I'm doing over the next 4 months. I no longer have to figure out where everything is in my craft area. Now just to be able to organize the rest of my craft supplies. I think I may need to buy some large totes for that job. Wink

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