My mom just bought me a new sewing machine!!

So last week, my beloved Singer HD broke and I had to take it into the shop to have it repaired. I told my mom about it, and not only did she pay for the repairs but told me to look at a new machine.

I found a Bernina Bernette 25 (a $900 machine) as a demo model for $299 and told her about it. This morning I got a text from her saying she called the store and bought it for me! I just have to pick it up when my other machine is ready.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to sew new things with it, and finally be able to sew on lightweight fabrics that my HD didn't care too much about.

Just kinda needed to expend some of my excited energy. I can't wait to use all the cool stitches of the new machine! Happy It'll also be nice to have two different machines set up. I think I might need to reorganize my craft room.

Any advice on how to set up a room for multiple machines?

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Is your mom always giving surprises??
That is so cool. I mean, a BERNINA BERNETTE 25??? My country wouldn't sell it for $299. Tongue
You know that weird start when you get a new sewin machine, and you don know where to start because you have LOTS of project to work on.

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She usually surprises me with little presents, usually extra money, when she's been having a good month at work. I'm her only daughter so I get spoiled by her since my dad spoils my little brother and my older brother has his own dad, my dad, and my mom to rely on.

It was so cheap because it was a demonstration model that spent some time sewing already. I'm not worried about how many hours it's been used before because it was in spectacular perfect condition.

I do have lots to work on, but I'm happy that I have a lot of projects to catch up on.

I just need to get my sewing room set up for two machines now Happy

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