Secret Sender For Santa Letters Idea

Hi Folks Happy Newbie Maytag Suzanne here.

I was wondering if anyone has a small kid who might believe in Santa, and would like to get a Christmas letter from them, but you'd like to have it look like real mail postmarked not from your part of the world arrive to your kid.

I used to have friends mail letters from whoever it was who wrote to my daughter when she was little, like the tooth fairy, (as I didn't tell her the tale of Santa when she was little- I know, it's not usual, but that's how my family is) mail it from their homestate so she wouldn't say something like "Why did tooth fairy mail me a letter from our city?"

So I would put a stamped envelope with the letter inside another envelope which I mailed to a friend, in another state, and have her write it in her handwriting and mail it from her state.

Even though my only kid is 19 now, I bet she still has letters from the "Tooth Fairy" from TX, FL, NY and HI that I had friends mail for me... where were we living at the time? The lovely state of Oregon. Man, was she surprised!

So, I'm offering to mail "Letters from Santa" (or whatever) for folks from the midwest (Illinois) if you'd like. Just put your item you wished mailed (with postage already attatched, please) inside another envelope which you mail to me, and I'll repost for you, from Illinois to REALLY confuse and delight your kid.

PM me for my address.

Oh and if YOU are willing to be a secret Santa (or whatever) resender for another CO+K person, sign in here.


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