15 things I don't like but most people do!

1 oreos
2 mac & cheese
3 pancakes
4 hotcakes
5 dark chocolate
6 vanilla scents
7 coconut scents
8 liquorice
9 pink nesquick
10 all pies except for apple
11 vanilla cake
12 corn bread
13 fig newtons
14 coca-cola
15 jack-in-the-box

what are 15 things YOU DON'T LIKE?

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1 animal cruelty

2 tree cruelty

3 people cruelty

4 scare mongering - bloody politicians and media

5 eating pig - not a religeous thing

6 meat of the bone

7 meat pies

8 anything strawberry flavour except stawberries

9 oranges and mandarins

10 rock melon (cantelope)

11 bad coffee

12 milk

13 the colour pink

14 loss of cival liberties - wake up everyone

15 our disposable society

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1. Water

2. People not having common sense

3. People thinking I'm stupid because I work at a gas station

4. People being rude because I work at a gas station

5. People being stupid

6. Sometimes just people in general

7. Tomatoes

8. Onions

9. Any type of pepper. Except pimentos, but only in olives

10. Tamarind flavored Jarrito

11. Horchata

12. My hair when it's boring

13. Girls who tan too much

14. Girls who tan too much then bleach their hair to an ugly blond

15. Smelly dogs

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Veronies, you forgot "Girls who tan too much then bleach their hair to an ugly blond and wear too pale lipgloss (or even worse, too pale lipgloss and dark lipliner)" Happy

Have to agree on your No3 too.
I hate the way people think they can look down on me because I have what they see as a crappy job (I work in a High School canteen).
The reality is, I made a conscious decision to take a job that meant I was home when my kids went to school in the morning and came home at night, and we don't need to worry about who is gonna be taking care of them during school holidays. Meanwhile, the woman down the road who works full time doesn't see her teenage daughter sneaking boys into the house when she should be at school....

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1. Mints and mint-flavoured things
2. Meat
3. Fake tans
4. Sports
5. Fashion trends
6. People with egos
7. Gossiping
8. Skinny girls that think they're fat
9. Smoking
10. Girly things
11. Guys with short hair
12. Sunglasses
13. Make up
14. Horror movies
15. Milk

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1. People who are ignorant
2. people who are rasist
3. Text lingo/bad spellers
4.bottle blondes
6. people who hate punk/emo/scene/rockers
8.mean girls
9. people who look at you with the expression WTF?
10.milk chocolate (dark is better)
11. Stupid mainstream music (no offense)
13. fake people
14. spilt food/liquid
15. Facebook chat whores

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1. Cinnamon scents
4.techno,house and electro music. Just cant stand it.
5.tights/leggings on their own. I like them with a dress or something over the top of them, just not on their own.
6.people who are just plain rude/nasty.
7. strawberry flavoured milk.
8.when you go out to lunch with someone who's constantly texting on their phone.
9.Black jelly beans.
10.When people actually say LOl and OMG in REAL conversations.
11.People who ask you to hang out with them then spend the whole time facebooking on their phone.
12.Stubbing my toe.
13.People who are way to judgemental.
14.When girls wear really thick foundation in a colour thats three shades darker than it should be.
15.People who suddenly show interest in something to impress people or to be cool. Seriously I had a friend who used to be sarcastic and make fun of me because I listen to rock and heavy metal music because she didnt consider it normal because it wasnt what everyone else was listening to. But then she went to Tafe to do an art/photography course where she met a couple of 'different' people and she decided I was cool and suddenly decided that she wanted me to burn her half of my C.D collection Just so she could impress the awesome punk guy in her class.

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1. Doritos
2. Chicken
3. Turkey
4. when people play stupid
5. Creepy Guys
6. Milk
7. Any artificial flavoring
8. eggs
9. Pancakes/waffles (but i do like a good Belgian waffle)
10. boxed/frozen food (mac and cheese, hamburger helper, tv dinners)
11. Lip Stick
12. A lot of make up
13. my iPod (i feel like i don't have good songs)
14. cheddar cheese
15. Fake (fake anything people, food, drink, color, tans, etc..)

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*Facebook addicts
*eating animals
*people judging me 16 (i´m 22)
*girls who forgot their pants (ony wearing tights)
*watching horror movies
*people who always favor the most stupid and selfish people
*my never-healing industrial
*blogger/"fashionistas" who think they are the gods of the world with their "inovative clothing that looks like stolen from trash bins
*vegans who were vegan for half a year but think they have to tell long term vegetarians how bad they are
*most politicans

wow, took me a bit to find 15 things, but once started i can´t stop...

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1. meat (i'm veggie)
2. gelatin (relating to above, it's in practically everything i want to eat)
3. animal testing
4. people who snap branches off of trees because they think it's 'funny'
5. when people think i'm dumb because i'm younger than them
6. oreos (ewwwww)
7. chewing gum
8. overly-mainstream music (jls, justin bieber etc.)
9. makeup
10. racism (it's only skin colour, it makes no difference as to what kind of person you are)
11. fake people
12. gossips
13. when i mess up playing my guitar
14. mint tic tacs
15. when people damage books! It really gets me angry!


I could however add Rawr rawr's, so lala's (with an exception to the horror movies) and soundsargent's list to my 15 but that would be 60 things I don't like!

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1. People who pull out in front of me while driving ( I most often have my children in the car and hate near-death experience with them with me!)
2. Child-Care Workers who think they no my kids better than me
3. People who act like I'm a bad mom because I don't spoil my children rotten
4. People who judge me because I'm different.
5. Germ-a-phobes (Sorry if you are one! I don't judge them, but don't like it when they get up in my face because my kid has a runny nose from allergies!)
6. People who judge teens because of they're age (Just because there 16 doesn't mean a break up hurts any less than it does the 20-30 somethings)
7. People who treat me like I'm 14 because I'm a youth group leader and actually LIKE it, and spend time with my teens in youth and outside of youth!
8. People who won't even try to read a book.
9. Dr. Pepper
10. Root Beer
11. Birch Beer
12. Alcohol in any form ( I think it's yucky)
13. Drunkenness
14. People who are trying to convince my pregnant sister it's OK to smoke weed when your pregnant, cause it's natural...
15. My mood swings due to birth control.

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