wire work Jewellery newbie

Now i'm going to make myself sound a real looser,
I love craft making and jewellery,
Nature and fantasy
I have M.E which means I spend most of my life either in bed or at home.
Would like to make some friends with simular interests on this great site.

If you read my Bio and interested just friend me.
Hope to meet some of you soon

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You're not a looser at all, you've definitely not made yourself sound like one either! You've definitely come to the right place if you want to make friends with people that have the same interests because we all love crafting here Happy

Sorry to hear you have to spend most of your time in bed with M.E, but that means more time for crafting whilst in bed eh? Knitting, crochet, card making? There's loads!

CO+K is a great place to find and start new crafts too, so welcome!! Hopefully see you around the board Happy x

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Hi, welcome to the site, you'll find loads of inspiration here. We are all friendly and helpful, so if you want to ask anything, just go ahead!
My sister has ME, so I understand what you're going through, but as Ruby says, there's lots of things to try out.

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