Mardi Gras party??

I'm thinking of having a Louisiana-style Mardi Gras party! I'm not sure what we'd do, though; we are in the age range of 20-24, so any ideas?

I'm pretty good on the basics, but I just don't know what to do to keep people from getting bored--without getting them so trashed that they puke all over my white carpet (this is something that I simply can't afford. ;) )

Ideas? Do you think this is a good idea? Happy

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LOVE the idea!!

A king cake is a must and a shrimp Boil!!
Watch the parade camaras on Or watch the drunks on the Burbon St
Everytime you see some tits you have to take a drink.

Have everyone wear a mask or make them at the party!!

I can't wait to see more ideas! I love it

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Most of these ideas came from Googling stuff.
Colour theme for Mardi Gras apparently is Purple (for justice), Green (for faith) and Gold (for power)

You could have costume contest... if you write on the invitation that you want people to dress up and the best costume will win a prize then it might encourage your guests.
You could create a game where the prize is to win one of the beaded necklace things you get at mardi gras


> Spoon the balloon
This is a game of gamesmanship. The players each have a spoon, and stand in a circle with about a meter between each of them. A balloon is placed on one spoon and is then tossed from spoon to spoon around the circle. The other players, without moving from their posts, do all they can, in the way of verbal discouragements, to make the receiving player lose concentration. The players who fail to catch the balloon on their spoons are out, and the others close ranks.

These ideas are just random ones. I hope it helps a little.

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