stepsister :(

I have a stepsister. She is 19 years old and her name is Ana.
She is my dad's first kid. Actually, he divorced from Ana's mom and the whole family got in a fight against Ana's mom who was abusing my dad. But, now its over. Me, my brother, and dad are meeting with her like two times a year on holidays.. We love her, she is nice and fun. (:
But here's the problem. Today was a dinner to celebrate a 20 years of existence our company. There were like 80 people, and ofc, my ''sister'' and my dads mom, our grandma.
My grandma walk to Ana wanting to say hello, and she sayd: ''I dont know u. And i dont want to know who you are.'' and she turned to other side. My grandma started to cry, and then started to swear against her. I'm sooo freking sad coz of that. It actually gave me a picture of my ''sister''. I dont even know what to think. What to say!!! I'm sooo confused. Happy i dont know what to do!! Please help. :'/

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awww sweetie that does suck!

well, honestly my mom bickers with my dad side of the family all the i hear stuff liek this.
maybe you can call Ana and ask her why she did that?
say that your grandma is old, it wasnt very nice to do that
and she should act her age.
If Ana taks advantage of your
"peace offering" then you realize how she really is, if she calms down aswell, then you kno? just forgive and forget!Howeevr if she doesnt get over her pride and aplogze to your grandma then tell her how you finally realize how she is. and its NOT COOL.
Talk to her in person though, it's always better to talk to someone in person and msn/phone can really mess up a talk.

I hope things work out for you Happy
keep us posted!

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ohh, tnx so much! :-*
I will do that.. But i cant see her in person, but i will try over the phone. ;)

It was hard watching that, coz my stepsister was always some kind of a role model to me. :/
I do not think that she is that bad or evil...
Just her mom told her bad stuff about my grandma and now she has some really bad picture about her. ):

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it is hard, but talk to your sister and tell her how you feel

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Maybe she did this without the intention of hurting anyone. For someone who is still realizing that she has more family than a normal person may have done that out of defense because she feels overwhelmed with meeting new family members and is not ready for the emotional ties that comes with it. She may have done this since your grandma might be old and dont want to be emotionally connected just in case later down line when something happens it wont be an emotional turmoil for her.

My daughter(from my first marriage) who is 6 is starting to understand she has two sets of parents, grandparents, great grandparents, lots of Uncles and Aunts and cousins on both sides. She gets overwhelmed when she meets someone new in either side of the family. When she goes with her father and step mom for the holidays I am told when she gets home that she cries and gets scared when she finds out that she has an Uncle she hasn't met before or acts up when there are more cousins she didn't realize she has.

So I think your Step sister may have done that out of guarding herself without the intention of hurting your grandma.

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i dont know. :S
She has already meet her. As a kid, she was always with her, and my grandma bought her toys n stuff. But her mom just throw that and beat my step sister.
Its hard to understand all that. :/
I know that Ana's mom and my grandma got in a hugee fight. My grandpa (he's not alive any more. :/) got heart attack when all that happend.
Actually, my mom told me not to get involved in that but its just heart breaking seeing my grandma crying all day, and saying that she never want to see her again. Happy

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