need ideas!

for making money!

I am a poor college kid, who just got accepted into a study abroad semester.
I don't have to worry about tuition, but I do have fees that need to be paid ASAP:
-Flights (know of a website with cheap student prices?)
-Application Fee ($200 is pretty steep, but that is pretty much paid for)
-Spending Money
-Fall Break Travel Trip (it's suggested to bring $1500!)

now, I am not some lazy college kid, I have a job! I work at a Bernina Quilt Store, and they are now letting me work 40hours a week since it's summer. But because of other expenses I pay for (gas, bills, insurance, etc) I can't use all of that money towards the program...

BUT, what do you guys do to make money on the side? ANY Ideas are greatly appreciated!! I have crafty stuff I could sell, but I wouldn't make profit off of them, not here in this city at least! Thanks in Advance ;]

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doesn't anyone have any ideas they would be willing to share?? *sad face*

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how about you hold some sort of bake sale?
i mean tis pretty cheap to cook
and whenever i do it i make WAAAYY more money then i ever loose?
give it a try
but make sure that
- you have a viritaty of food
-cheap (people buy more, get more money)
- keep atleast oen healthy option
- MAKE IT LOOK APPLEAING.* i make messed up crusty brownies that tased SOO GOOD but looked disgusting, i have to mush them up and make brownie balls drizzled with icing..not the very prettiest sold but there were like 3 left over..not good.)

the bake sale idea is what we used ALL the time when we need funsrasing money in school, maybe it might work for you too.
and also why no start cutting back form now on? *well, DUH.* so you're saving back, having a bakesale,
and maybe a garage sale? my dad had one, he threw away all the junk that was hogging our balcony and made about err..lets see...250ish dollors? plus it was fun. ask people around for any crappy junk left over!

i know its not much, but meh, give it a try and let me know! Happy good luck!!!

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