Need Patterns for Shorts

I've been to Joann's and H.Lobby but all of their patterns are HIDEOUS and matronly.The main problem I have with them is that they're SO High waisted. I just started sewing again so I wouldn't be able to "just alter" them.

What do y'all suggest?

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You can browse online, for example here:

Otherwise, if you have a pair of shorts that fits you well, try drafting a simple pattern from those, depending on the type of shorts you want - if you just want something simple and not very fitted, this could work for you.

Hope I could help! Happy

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I definitely hear you on the "matronly" aspect that a lot of patterns share at the average supply store. It can be hard to see anything but what they picture on the pattern, but I have a few hints that I use.

-Look at the black and white drawing, not the photo of the sewn garment...throwing in colors and patterns can be distracting.

-Try looking in the costume section. I use some costume wear for everyday wear.

-Places like Hancock Fabrics (my local Joann-esque store) may carry more than "Simplicity" or "McCalls" or your average everyday pattern company. Lauren mentioned "Burda", and I know that Hancock Fabrics carries that company. A lot of the patterns are for slightly younger people, and they have a young persons offshoot whose name I cannot recall right now. Now I have never bought one of their patterns, so I can't tell you how good they are, but it may be worth a shot. Also, maybe a Vogue pattern might work. Take some time and delve into the pattern books.

-Free interwebs tutorials are your friend. I have a couple of shorts drafting tuts in my bookmarks folder, so I know they're there. Use scrap fabric first if you don't want to ruin the good stuff trying out new things.

This turned out way longer than I thought. I hope I helped in some way. Since I don't know your skill level, I apologize if I may be running over stuff you already know. Just smile and nod. It gets me through a lot of conversations! :} (Good luck!)

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