Help With Craft Room? Please?

I'm moving the crafting portion of my bedroom from sharing the room to having it's own space in the basement (YES! =D) and I need some help because the color scheme is similar to my bedroom, and I don't want it to be. I need help with the furniture layout of the room (room layout pic further down), creating storage space, ideas for wall murals I can paint, and picking a complimentary color to the following color scheme:
<img src="</img">

I was thinking something like this:
<img src=""> or <img src="">

The walls are the blue, floors are the grey, trim is the black, and I believe the ceiling is white. I'd use that accent color to paint the mural on the wall(s), and I was thinking I'd do a big tree silhouette (I know, how original!) in the accent color with grey or black heart-shaped leaves. Any ideas? I'm a big movie fan, too!

Here's the room layout:
<img src="">

No measurements but it's the accurate shape of the room, all socket and door locations accurate as well.

My furniture includes two bookcases (one short and wide black, one tall and thin white), a long rectangular table (roughly as large as the space between the right of the door and and the right wall), a small square table (could almost fit between left of door and left wall), a small sewing table with attached machine (could fit between left of door and left wall), a stool that can slide under the sewing table, a regular straight-backed chair, and a tri-pod.

I have a light box that could fit on the small table, a camera for the tri-pod, a free motion sewing machine (not attached to anything so it can be moved around), utensil mug, button jars, and thread spool organizer. I was thinking I could have my first ever inspiration board. Any ideas how to go about creating one? Or links to interesting ones? How about yours?

I need a sort of filing or storage system to keep my business information organized and easily accessible (I currently have big yellow envelopes with invoices, supplies lists, and an assortment of receipts from past purchases).

I have a small budget, so any ways to recycle or upcycle would be wonderful, and any inexpensive store links would be great, too. I also do personal swaps if you have an item I could use and would like to swap for it. I can make holes in the walls and I can paint them but I don't want to blow the money on paint.

What I need storage for are my:
idea jar
inspirational manga
fabric paint
acrylic paint
a treasure chest with other old inspirations
button jars
embroidery floss jars
Bolex (film camera)
film supply
the movies in DVD cases I’ve made
thumb tack jars
knitting needles
crochet hooks
index cards
sewing pins
hand-sewing needles
sewing machine needles
massive amount of old clothing I won’t/can’t wear anymore which will become something else
jewelry-making items
yo-yo manufacturing supplies (pre-cut circles and storage for finished yo-yos)
fat quarters
paint brushes
composition notebook idea journals
sketching pencils
sketching erasers
scrapbook/scrap paper

Thanks so much! Happy

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I would:-

Make a scaled drawing on graph paper of the floor space and the walls so you get a 3D map
Make scaled pieces of your main furniture
Work out what items need electricity and make sure they are in the right areas

Try different layouts by moving pieces around your plan till you feel comfortable, remember the plan is 3D so work out what it will really look like

Considering things like areas of work, using a ironing board, sewing machine, easel etc

Define areas for different uses. That way stuff doesn't get mixed up and you won't end up with glue in fabric....... Lol

Don't do a mural till you have worked out what wall space you have available, especially if you have shelving

If you don't have a window in your basement dark walls will not reflect light well and it will make working difficult so you may want to think about light walls with blocks of colour on. It will work out cheaper as well cos plain paint is usually cheaper

You could make an inspiration board really cheaply by getting a large picture frame and using those cork floor squares, all you need then is a box of pins. Or just stick the mats to the wall in areas you need them

Ask friends and family if they have any paint laying around. It's worth a try. You could also check out 2nd hand places for storage stuff

That's all I can think of for now, Good luck Happy

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I will make a scaled drawing like you said. I'll have to take proper measurements of the room lol but that could help me in the long run.

Mural-wise, I don't know if the tree is a good idea or not. I absolutely adore it, and I'll fit it in on the door if I have to. Does that sound like a good idea?

I'll be getting lots of lights put in, hopefully. If not, I'll buy a ton of daylight bulbs so it looks like there's more light than there really is. The walls are a really bright blue, the color I've posted which I guess it pretty dark. I'll see if I can use some leftover white paint I have and do the block idea. I'll have to buy some more painter's tape. (Note to self, make a to-do list for after tax season)

I might just buy a corkboard/bulletin board as it seems cheaper/easier for me. I have the pins, I just need the board to put them on lol.

We have a bunch of paint leftover in the basement, so I have colors to choose from. I just need to see what will look best. If I could find the purple I want, that would be awesome. If not, the white, any of the greens or other colors we already have will work just fine.

Thank you for your help!

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You're welcome

You could use the door for a mural as it's not going to take wall space away that could be used for storage.

If you like purple try grey with it, they look fantastic together. Particularly a soft grey. Check out the opposites on a colour wheel.

Just had a thought, if you can get some largeish coffee jars or similar you could use something like a wine rack to put them in. Cheap way for storing beads, buttons and other notions and you can have it free standing or wall mounted.........every time I go to save this message I think of something else.....Lol.......I'm on a roll now................

How about a broom handle fitted to the wall. Then make square bags with flaps like on those short cafe curtains. The bags can be tied onto the rod or buttoned on. Some where for your ribbons, knitting needles, crochet hooks etc

As for your clothing that needs recycling see if you can find an old bedding box that needs a bit of tlc.... you can paint it to match, store the clothes and have somewhere for friends to sit when they come round. Don't forget you will spend a lot of your time there so make it cosy too.

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I adore how the purple and grey look together, and thought it would look wonderful just the silhouette with heart-shaped leaves in alternating colors.

My dad has some wine racks so I can definitely try that out and see how it works.

I was considering putting a curtain rod between the doorway of the doorless closet, and hanging some of those hanging shoe and clothing organizers from them to store fabric and yarn. The broomstick on the wall could work just as well and I could specify the size and pattern I want, too.

It'll be garage sale season soon, and I'll be heading to the thrift store once the semester ends in May so maybe I can find something useful at either of those that can double as seating. My friends probably wouldn't be big into seeing the room, but if my one friend finally agrees to model for me, she'll be happy to see what's going on behind the scenes lol.

Thanks again for all the help!! =D

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You're welcome. I can't think of anything else right now but let me know if you need help with anything specific. I'm quite good at doing things on the wage is rubbish....Lol x

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Mural-wise, do you have any advice for the actual painting? Techniques, images, special tricks to prevent bleeding?

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Depending on what you are painting you could use a stencil. Best to have a matt based paint to paint onto as it holds other paint layers and the paint you use on top wont slip as you paint. You can also freehand draw onto matt. Make sure base colour is fully dry. Maybe give it 3-4 days to settle.

You could use a roll ragging method if you want a soft effect. This doesn't use as much paint either and covers a wide area quite quickly. Or using a wide brush with nearly no paint on you could stipple the paint on. You do this by holding the brush horizontal and apply paint using a quick stabbing motion. Once you have your main image you can use a fine brush to paint in the details. Do all the bits for each colour. Make sure you give drying time between each colour to stop colours bleeding and don't have too much paint on your brush. Remember if it does go wrong you can always pain it over and you've learnt new stuff.

See my project on 'Some Drawings' as I have done a how to about tone technique. I know it's watercolour pencil but the range thing will be relevant Happy

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Thats pretty cool. Wish I had an art room! fill jam jars with craft materials theyll look really pretty. You cud also stick pictures on the walls 4 inspiration. love the colour schemes btw. especially the purple :0 Its gonna be amazin when youve finished Happy

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@ Sheila: Thank you for the clear and thorough explanation! I'll get some stencils together that I like and try to make them bigger. I have to wait until April 17th to start official work on the room (Tax Season ends the 15th). I will hopefully be allowed to work on the stencil before my dad paints the floor. We need to clean out the room still and I need to buy paint and some small jars. Someone offered me empty baby formula cans so I can hopefully paint those and stick them on my wall.

@ Emma: I'll post pictures when I've completed it =D I'm on the hunt for jars so they're avoiding me lol. I'll work on using pictures to create an inspiration board. And I love the purple color scheme as well =)

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wow. I have a notice board in my bedroom and I kinda use that for inspiration for making jewellery and fashion design if i'm stuck for ideas.
Good luck with ur decorating! (:

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Hi Alyssa
Invest in a boiler suit or borrow one and a few old bandanas for your hair otherwise you could end up looking like a Jackson Pollock.....tee hee!

Check this out. Keep cursor moving and click to change colours. It's really fun

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omg, click the link. its addicting. :-P

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Tee hee...sorry Rachie....couldn't resist it. I was thinking about Jackson Pollock when Alyssa was talking about painting and googled. That's what came up Happy

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Wonderful news!!! I have this thread posted on crafster as well, and a woman offered me all her baby food jars, tubs, and formula cans for FREE! I'm so excited, and of course I didn't want to take them for free so I'm going to ship her some fabric and other goodies she wants/needs. I'm so grateful for everybody's help, and I don't think I've made that clear to everyone. So thank you!!!!

Some new developments have come up. I am officially going to purchase two to three hanging fabric garment organizers to hang in the closet doorway in the room. I'll hang a curtain in front of it. Then I'll get another rod to hang next to my light box with another curtain to hang as a background for big items I can't quite take proper pictures of in my light box (purses, for example). I also found this AWESOME website called mannequinmaven where I can purchase some inexpensive mannequin parts, as well as a body form! With shipping it's just over $100, which is insanely cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. Then I found a jewelry site that sells jewelry display pieces for a low price as well (, so I can get a chest with part of a head that has pierced ears to display my jewelry on! So exciting! I think I might buy them, but I might be better off asking my friend to just do one model picture of each piece so potential buyers can see the close-ups of the items but also see how they fit on a real person. I'm so excited that I opened my online shop just a few weeks ago, and a few weeks from now I'll have a craft room to go with it. Talk about inspiration!

Now, onto replies!

@ Emma: That's pretty much the plan with my board. I want the room in general to be an inspiration, but I'd like to have one focal point of inspiration as well. And if I use the Jackson Pollock technique on my mural, I'll have an awesome mural inspiration piece as well!

@ Sheila: I've got a bandana or two I can get dirty and some clothes I won't wear anymore that still fit. That site is SO ADDICTING!!! I want to take screenshots and find a way to silkscreen some of the pictures I made onto a shirt! =)

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