Kitchen Chairs to Bench Upcycle-Always have the right materials!

I had two very ugly metal-with-plastic-cushions kitchen chairs, so I unscrewed the seats from them and put a board under and screwed the seats back on, so they are now a bench. I have very little to work with right now, not even a hammer or a staple gun. But I did have a pipe, small nails, fabric and cotton batting, so I made a solid cushion for the bottom of the chairs. Now I have beat up and sore hands (it is very hard to hit a small nail with a pipe and I had to hold the nail somehow.) and I feel really stupid for not waiting till I get the right stuff. But I got the bottom part done. I want to sew a slip on cover for the back of the chair and because I am a huge computer geek I want to put my handmade ctrl/alt/del pillows on the front of the slip cover. (pathetically I have no sewing machine either and a bad case of carpal tunnel.) Cute idea I suppose. I probably should wait until the pain in my hands abates a bit before working on it further. I am one of those people that does not stop until the job is done, working all night sometimes. I'm not complaining though, I deal with pain in my barely working hands all the time. The creative spark will burn you alive if you don't douse it with art, diy or whatever you do. I live on inspiration. I just wonder if I am too obsessive, crazy, or just tenacious.

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