User Names and Online Personas

As the title states this is about user names! I feel with social networks, bloggers, and self made business types being bigger then ever that it is so important to make a good name for yourself in the online world.

I'd love to run my own blog and online business one day. And as much as I love my name I feel like it doesn't reflect who I'm becoming and want to be. And... it's probably smarter not to have your real name plastered all over the internet.

Do you think that this is important? This is what you'll be called and recognized as for well maybe the rest of your life unless you want to tell people your name one day. This is essentially your second name. Your online persona.

Worth it? Smart idea to worry about? How would you go about choosing one?

Any advice on helping me choose my future permanent user name?

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Hi Tsukikyou
As of user name persona I do use my real name or my middle name as my persona and like u I love my name.

My suggestion how about using ur middle name or a name that will reflex on ur personality of ur business or blog site.

In my opinion I'm a lil vein so I would use my rea name lol.

I hope that u find a name that is suitable for u peace

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I change my online name as I change as a person. I went from Frankly Serious, to Omniscient Narrator, to Supernova's Child. I think it all depends on who you are at the time.
Just choose something that really speaks to you. Whether it's your real name or something a bit more extravagant. As long as it's not something offensive or immature (like "poopypants" or whatever) I think you'll really do great.
Good luck.

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