Split ends and temporary hair color...

I really want to try out some temporary hair colors, but I have pretty bad split ends (and even up the strand), and I'm worried that the color will linger in the damaged (light blonde) hair. And my hair will end up with weird spots of color in it wherever there's damage... :p
I know, if I trim my hair it'll keep the split ends to a minimum, but I hate getting my hair cut Sad
By temporary color I'm referring to the cheap spray color, kool-aid mix color, and hair chalks. Basically the most temporary of colors I can find, because trying to coordinate my outfit with my hair for more than a few days would drive me crazy.
Is my concern valid? I assume it would also depend on the hue and saturation of the color as well, and if I'm being honest, I'm going to go straight for the darkest shades I can find. Such as a dark blue or red/black dipped ends gradient... Hence my concern.

Any suggestions/advice would be welcome... even if it's just "trim your hair," lol!

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I'd love some advice on this too @VillainousNinja - I have really thin hair that I have to straighten a lot, so I'd be worried about damaging it more with dyeing.

You're lucky your hair is light, so you won't have to bleach it to get the colours to show up - mine is dark, so I doubt there's anything temporary that would work well.

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