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    Getting smells out of suede boots??

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    I have this pair of suede boots that I absolutely adore, but cannot wear them anymore because they smell like pee. I don't think the pee is directly on them, I think my puppy just peed on the floor and my boots fell to where she peed. But I want them clean!! And obviously I can't wash them, so if anybody could help me get the smell out you would be a lifesaver!!!!!!

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    Whenever my cats spray I use a solution of half vinegar half water. Just spray the smelly area with it and the vinegar will neutralize the smell. This also keeps pets from spraying/marking an area that was previously marked and should keep your shoes safe. P.s. the vinegar smell goes away in a few minutes I promise!

    Also maybe put some baking soda inside the shoes just in case, some leaked inside, don't add water just shake it out or use a vac hose.

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    Put news paper inside of them and and out in the sun for a while.

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    Try filling them with cat litter, and putting them in a box ( like the box your boots came in) packed with cat litter...leave them for a few days, then give them a good brush with a rubber suede brush. The cat litter should absorb the smells, and can then be used again for its original purpose!

    If this doesn't work, you can cover them with Shake and Vac carpet freshener, then remove that with a vacuum cleaner.

    (make sure boots are completely dry first)

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    (Do a patch test first, but it should be ok) Sprinkle with baking soda, leave overnight if possible, brush with a soft brush in the morning.

    et voila, no stinkies any more !!!