Earlier this year, I started a project to allow people to express themselves by customizing the outside of their messenger bags. The goal was to find something that was cheap, simple and good looking. I tried zippers, Velcro, buttons, snaps and buckles. The final idea came to me while sitting in the parking lot of a Jo-Anns Fabrics.

I am sharing the idea here, because I want to give people the opportunity to show off their individual style and creativity. The system was designed to be a universal standard so that people could trade with friends. In this way, I hope that Evozip skins have a long life and pass through many owners unlike a t-shirt that sits in the bottom of a drawer.

You are free to make your own bags and skins for yourself and trade with friends as long as you follow the dimensions and write Evozip on each bag and skin you make along with your name.

Now go find your old t-shirts, pull out your favorite patterns or get your cloth paints ready for the biggest change to the t-shirt since Marlon Brando yelled "Stella!" in A Street Car Named Desire.
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