My name is Trista, aka Pinkie! I am a 23 year old mother of a 2 year old son named Zane and engaged to a wonderful man, Jason Alzomal!!! I am from Regina, SK (Canada), and I love the color Pink and am a sucker for anything acoustic!

I do everything here in the BurnMyDress studio. Things like desiging, sewing, finding supplies, packaging, shipping and maintaining the website, just to name a few.

I am not a achool trained designer, I only have my grade 12! Im very self taught - I learned to sew from my mother, grade 10 home ec. class, lots of common sense, problem solving and my newly learned patience lol.

I've just started selling my designs online and BurnMyDress was established in June of 2008. DIYing was always a BIG hobby of mine, until I found a name to apply to my designs (BurnMyDress) and decided to get serious about it. I'm working towards, one day, opeing up a shop locally here in my hometown to sell my designs as well!

To See More Of My Designs Check Out My Shop (opening soon): http://burnmydressdiy.piczo.com

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