INTRO: Hello, all! I am new to the online crafting world, but definitely a vet with the crafts themselves. Please feel free to check out my YouTube (www.youtube.com/kraftiikatie) or FB (www.facebook.com/kraftiikatie) to learn more about me.

*I love everything colorful - the rainbow is my best friend in the crafting world!
*The mountains
*ANIMALS (my dream is to one day open a small scale animal shelter!)
*Old school games like the original Mario and DKC
*Pokemon (yes, I'll admit it! lol)
*The beach
*Any and all things musical
*USEFUL crafts
*Dreamcatchers (I collect them)

I enjoy reading, writing, singing, and acting. As far as crafting goes, I make a lot of jewelry (beaded & knotted), and perler beads ROCK MY SOCKS. I also make a lot of cards / stationary type items, and have just recently gotten into polymer clay sculpting. Once in a blue moon I'll kickstart my sewing machine as well.

ANYWAYS... I love to chat so send me a message anytime!

w/ Pam - Oct. 2012

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