I am originally from Germany. I was born there. I live in a one bedroom apartment with too many plants. I studied biology in college, but never finished. I am a bit of a loner, although I like and enjoy people. I love to eat cereal for all mealtimes. I'm 5'7", have light brown hair, and green eyes. I love to study and learn. I believe if your not actively learning something your not actively living, and will progress very minimally as a person. I admire many Philosophies, and faiths. I do not adhere to anyone in particular, I have many goals. I hope I will get around to working on achieving them faster then I have up until now. I consistently work toward enlightenment. It is a long and rarely easy road. I think it is the ultimate goal to live by. I believe in compassion, empathy, but not pity, witch would negate value from that person's life. I also believe that all living things hold the same value. I love to make and do projects so when I found this site, I was really excited. I hope to get to know you all better, and I'm looking forward to learning from you!
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Oh my gosh... O_o your name is spelled exactly like mine and you are an inch taller from my height.... we have the same initials... and we both live in Tennessee! And we share a few interests as well. We both do not agree with just one faith, so we have in interest in philosophies and other faiths altogether also I do not believe in pity but exercise empathy and compassion...... I kind of feel like I've found a twin of some sort. O_o Well... just an individual of like mind...
My name is Kristina ( course we share the same name) Hope you don't mind I sent a friend request. If you deny, I don't mind either...
It's just interesting to have found someone similar to me.
Oh Dear.
Oh Dear.
hello there! thanks for being my friend!