Okay, so, I'm new here. I stumbled across this place when looking for templates on how to make a hide Plushie. ^_^

I want one, I've tried everywhere, even JPop House, who always seem to be out of stock Happy
So, as a challenge, me and my friend are going to try and make hide Plushies of our own!

Here's some stuff about me ^^

I'm Kirsty, I'm 14, and I'm a pretty boring person. I'm quite shy, unless I know you, and sometimes I can be hyper, crazy, random, weird and scary. But that's how I like it ^^
People say I have an OCD about X-Japan...I am not obsessed, I just happen to like them very much ^^

*Inner self* Oh Yeah! X-Japan! Woohooo! Yoshiki = Yummers ;)

*Coughs* Um, yeah. ^^;
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