Often it is hard to believe how far the technological advancement has progressed. You know you could use solar power to electricity some gadgets in your house and lighting on your backyard. Now you can also control a Citizen men's watch in precisely the same way. The versions in the Eco-Drive collection do not own a typical battery, but a specific one that get charged when the dial is exposed to light.

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This isn't only eco friendly but also quite intriguing. For now it appears that the versions from this collection function correctly. When you buy the piece it comes charged so you can expect it to become accurate when revealing the time. If you put it in a box or a dark drawer, then the watch will operate for over 45 days depending upon the model. The display can be exposed to sun and incandescent light to get fully charged. Even when the weather is cloudy the piece will also be able to collect sufficient amounts of electricity.

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It is possible to choose any Citizen men's watch from the Eco-Drive collection depending on your preferences and style. This makes them completely manly. The colors of the metallic components vary from glossy silver white to gray. The display is usually in black or blue. You may expect most models to possess chronographs. The motion is Japanese-quartz. Despite their particular mechanism the versions are rather light. The products from the brand include a reliable manufacturer guarantee so that you don't need to worry about any sort of malfunctions.

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