A sailor's life for me! I've been sailing the high seas (and some of the low ones, too) for 12 years. I love my job, I get to see wonderful places and amazing people and learn so much about how similar we all are - all while earning a paycheck! But when I'm not out on the waters, I'm at home in sunny San Diego exercising my creativity and creating pretty things. I enjoy the creative process, it's like therapy for me. I love my day job, but it's a stressful line of work, and making the world a little more beautiful helps me to balance the not-so-nice parts. My favorite time of the day is after the kidlets are in bed and the house is set back to rights, and I can create for my self in solitude. I love the process and the little bits of reclaimed goodness that my works come from. Some evenings I just go through my findings and dream; some nights I'm like a woman on fire, creating until my wonderful husband prods me off to dreamland
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