hey..um yeah. i got nothin. anyways. Im rhebekka. I am on facebook... you can add me on there ect ect. I like photography and fashion. i never have a lot of money but i do have tons of ideas...but usually they cost tons of money. anyways. Im into music im learning guitar and piano...ect ect.... if you want to know more about me then add me on fb or just send me a comment/friend request on here. I will add projects as soon as i do something worth adding... Happy anyways g-bye

People forget mistakes, but if you stop, you give them nothing else to remember!- Chris C. - my guitar teacher


^swagbucks rockk^

your smile voice is perfect.

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Mickie · Grand Junction, Colorado, US · 43 projects
I'm sorry sweetheart I didn't see ur blog untill today. I think That be good on ur Tutu. I never counted. I always go back to the store for more. I don't use rolls they cost more and little tulle u get. I got like 30 yards on my green and black tutu
Pandora C.
Pandora C. · Norwich, England, GB · 12 projects
Thanks for the comment on the tutu. And cheers for the friend request Happy
Ksew · Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast, RU · 21 projects
Hi! Thanks for the faveHappy
Käpt´n Toasterkopf
Käpt´n Toasterkopf · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 53 projects
Hi :3
Thanks for the comment. But I guess I can´t do a how-to. How? I just doodled on a big box, wishing for the best Tongue