Hi there!!
I resently discovered this web site and I just wanned to say that it's the coolest I've ever seen....Not olny it helps you share your ideas but it also helps everyones ideas and creations be seen by other people....Thank you for that!
So little about me..Well as you can see above my name is Haroula =] and I'm a 17 year-old girl from Greece!!!Yey =d
Well I have a special harisma as my mom says Tongue in creating a lot of stuf from ordinary things....I also love riding,singing, horse riding and drawing!
So that's the most certain details about me...If you want to find out more please check out my Projects and Add me as a friend!!

Here's my Blog: http://haroldcreates.blogspot.com/2011/10/button-earrings.html

Have a great day!!! =]

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