My name is Marisa and I am a Fisheries and Wildlife major from Oregon, although I am currently living in Southern California to help care for my grandparents.

I have a one-eyed Border Collie named Shadow who is a rescue from an abusive past and is now a Velcro dog who is completely spoiled.

I enjoy many creative outlets, including sewing, drawing, embroidery, fashion, up cycling, lampwork, crochet and more.

I love reading, my favorite genre being fantasy/sci-fi. Some of my favorite authors are:
- Jim Butcher
- Tamora Pierce
- Terry Pratchett
- Olivia Butler
- Meg Cabot
- Brian Jacques

I love sci-fi and crime shows. My favorite are:
- Doctor Who (I am definitely a Whovian)
- Torchwood
- Castle
- Firefly and Serenity
- The Mentalist
- NCIS (the original)

I am a bit of a perfectionist about my creations, so it will take some effort to get used to sharing my projects and ideas here.

I hope to get to know you and spread the craftiness!

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