My real name's actually Michelle or Michele as some may spell it, but I'm used to being called Michii or Yoshii!

The nickname Yoshii came from my friends who call me a crazy Nintendo fanatic (as I am!)

I was born on the 13th of February so please mark that on your calenders!

Hmmm, what else could you say about me?

When I have spare time (when I'm not doing homework chores or any of those stuffs), you'll usually find me online, making crafts, reading, or listening to music!

I'm a total electronic geek, and I absolutly cannot stand a day without:

1.Going on the internet

2.Playing games on my Nintendo DS

3.Playing my Wii!

Most of the time, I'm pretty nice.

But when I get ticked off...uh-oh!

Yoshii's supah powah's are activated, and sometimes it doesn't look nice, at all.

I guess that's it!

Oh yes, also, I enjoy friend invites so feel free to add me!