Hey, I'm the forester. I'm passionate about many things. Drawing, food, dreams, animals and... let's just say many things, to say the least. I've been a vegetarian for over four years and personally, one of the best changes I've made in my lifestyle. I am very friendly and love meeting new crafters. c:

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susie · Glasgow, Scotland, GB · 154 projects
Thanks so much for following me Happy
Well that's great (:
Wish you luck on moving, and that's pretty cool how you're moving near the seashore.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my friend.
oooh i see you have given me an anwser, , Oooh i did this too in the beginning.. this ins't critical only to try to help you.;-D
when you will answer a comment click on the name of the member on it and then you will jump to her own profile page and then scroll to the comments and fill in your answer.
Listeners are awesome too, glas that you like it here alot.

whoooh so your are a cat lover like i'm LOL
oooh and thanks for both comments of the plastic bags projects of mine.LOL
they were very funny to make i had such a fun , but then it was summer and i love to tease my neighbours with their nasthy smell of smoking.LOL
ooh i'm not so fond of that anymore, and when i did this outside they were stopping smoking on their balcony and i was happy again.
but i love try out strange things and must clean my material up.
i will move to an other city about 6 months now.
very excithing of it. i will go to the top floor of the building soooo no more neighbours above me.LOL
and the whole building is just for me and some other neighbours driveable and my home totally fitt to me. so ooooo happy by that, i haven't such a driveable appartment now.-S
oooh i'm glad that i have a roof above my head and that i have some adjustments to the appartment but going to a better fitting place for me is awesome.
and... i will live in the middle of the old center. like that too and nearby the seashore. which i love.
okay, hey this must be it, have a nice fun fine awesome weekend and much fun with your trying outs
hey much love, greetings, fun, and hugs with xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks,and I love talkers, but im more of a listener ^__^

And yes I love it here, I found awesome projects and recipes that are very useful.
Aww I love cats too, their so cute <3

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi ItzellovesHk , awesome you're a new o ne, welcome to this site, hope you love it here and enjoy all the crafting projects and got inspirated by them and find some friends;-D
you have now two of them.LOL
thank you for asking me as your friend, like that a lot, , but be warned i'm a big talker.LOL
i don't expect that you answer all my letters, please be yourself;-D
i've you want to write i will write you back. but you must tell something of yourself, i can't see were you life and so on.
i'm a vegie too and a daydreamer too, i like pigs too but not as the real animals, but to make them, they looks soo sweet and kind, and they are really smart.
i'm more a cat person, i have two cats, Wolfje and Muis they are my house mates.
hey hope to hear from you , enjoy your summertime;-D
love hugs, and kisses