I'm just a regular teenager. I love to do crafts, including making my own stuffed animals, cards, jewelry, (a little bit of making my own clothes), and anything that makes super cute crafts. Currently I am working on making my boyfriend a weighted companion cube (I'm on the final stages) and it's been a hard project, but I can't wait for him to see it. Woot! Nerds unite! Hahaha. I love pets, and I recently just got a new cat, Gabriel. I forgot to mention I love photography, I'm the yearbook editor at my school. I'm looking to go to a school on the east coast, majoring in graphic design. Like I said, I love anything cute, and I mean anything! (Including things that are nifty, like these really cool orange jello pieces I saw today, I hate jello, but they are so cool!) So with that, if you have any suggestions or advice/ comments, just let me know!
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