Woo! I am a creative person who wants to find new projects and fun! Okey-doaks I like...Makeup, Pale Skin, Fake Tatoos, Glitter, The number 2, Plain Noodles, Rainbows, Uniboobs, Cats, Cats on Broadway, Chocolate, Hoodies, Feeling Cute, Staying Up Past 2 Am, Babies, Chocolate Ice Cream, Cold Poptarts, Pirates, See Through Fish, Shaving Razors, Hour Long Showers, Wizards, Funny Faces, Cross Eyed People, Snuggling, Camels, Frilly Underwear, Buttered Toast, Walls, Surreal Art, Guinea Pig Sounds, Candles, Forehead Kisses, Imagination, The Game, Singing and Dancing in Walmart, Sneezing, Dolls, Clowns, Old Fashioned Dancing, Sorry, I'm a little cutesy... and not?


Abbie S.
Abbie S. · 3 projects
Yep the kool aid stays fine in there :]
Melissa D.
Melissa D. · 7 projects
np ^^
GRINDHOUSE · Ventura, California, US · 1 project
ok so if you want ill make a "how to" will that help?
Lea Joy
Lea Joy · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 3 projects
heyho cuteheart,
I'm so sorry, I just know the paint I used, it was an extra "porcellan paint" and it was for the furnace, I can't tell you a paint that don't need the stove.
But I think the furnace is very necessary because the paint would leave when you put it in the dishwasher.
Megan I.
Megan I.
Hello (: