HELLO!!!! im Terri

Im a SAHM of 2 adult kids, a 7 yr old son and a grandaughter!
im very much into everything thats in the past! i love movies from the silents to the 1970s and also some modern movies too. i love swing, as well as the 80s music i grew up on!! i also like alot of the music my teens listen to. im a big fan of all my local sports teams( detriot teams) and have been since i was a kid!! im a rummage sale junkie!! i love getting things and fixing them up too!!

im a bookworm and love books from horror to medical journals..all kinds of history books( ancient religions and ways of life) bios to war. im also into the paranormal too!! i love scrapbooking and have been doing genealogy for over 10 years now.

my family and i take walks and photograph local cemeteries and abandonded homes. im also just getting into PSP 9 and making my own graphics! i also own a message board . Its called " crazy ladies asylum" as i love creepy old asylums and we are kinda nuts there!!!! I love meeting new friends on the internet and finding people with the same interests as me!!( anyone out there???) wanna be friends???


Keri Plezia (aka;Miss Holley King)
Keri Plezia (aka;Miss Holley King) · Paw Paw, Michigan, US · 4 projects
Nice to meet you here on this
Cut Out + Keep community!
Have a good rockin' day
(and night)
- -Miss Holley King
Marsha B.
Marsha B.
Terri, Thank you for the request. It sounds like you have a very busy life. That's good though, it keeps our minds active and keeps things from getting boring.
BTW, the picture above of me, is a very old picture. Maybe one of these days I'll update it. Lol.....

Have a good day!