I have been a musician since I was very young and tended to be the only girl in woodshop during my school years. When I met my now husband, he taught me how to make drums and my two passions were united. We have been doing this for over ten years now. I enjoy going out to my shop to make sawdust and absolutely love making custom orders for people who may want something inlayed or a certain type of wood.

The majority of our wood is scavenged or obtained before it can head to the dump. We use a lot of hardwood flooring, but make softwood drums as well. There is a difference in sound as far as the wood goes. But the subtle differences from drum to drum are what make me the happiest. We never know exactly how it will sound until that final tuning before we play it.

If you have any questions, please fell free to write me. Our goal is to get the music out in the world. How blessed I am to have fun in the process.


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