i have been doing crafts since the day i realized that glue wasn't just for eating. i love everything to do with creative expression, especially drawing and scrapbooking, exploring new music, and writing. i obsess over details and can still be a total mess. i am trying to teach myself how not to be annoyed when people say further when they mean farther and also how to clean my room.
i have been persistently working to end the genocide in darfur sudan for nearly five years, and i am constantly working to draw a connection between a passion for human rights and for art. i am working on a darfur art book and a darfur art day, and i would love to be working on a darfur art movement if anyone were inclined to join me.
i love chocolate and indie music and the internet. i rarely go to sleep when i am tired and i always feel like i am missing something when i do. i frequently think about the fact that my lifetime would double if i didn't have to sleep at all. i wish that sleep came in a pill.
i also really enjoy meeting new people, so i am glad that i found this crafty community. i would like to meet you.

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