I'm Spencer Donald Reidy
more commonly known as Suspence Plurrr or DJ B3N@5
also known as Intense Spence or Suspence The Intense
i'm a kandi kid, and a techno nerd who spins records/cds
i'm a raver and proud to be
you may find me on facebook under
DrSpencer Reid or Suspence Plur
myspace (yes i kick it oldschool) www.myspace.com/abrbjonespwns
msn guy_5@hotmail.com
purerave; MayhemMessiah or SuspencePlur
i have a philosphy on kandi (allow me to enlighten you)
kandi is like a lifeline
when gifted you are eternally connected to that person
and when you gift them they are in turn connected to you
when that kandi breaks the connection is servered
therefore as long as you wear your kandi that person is with you whereever you go whenever you wear it no matter how far away you are from them
so that is why i have devoted my life to gifting as much kandi as i can and collecting from those who wish to gift and trading with those who wish to trade
but i never regift thats bad luck & disrespect to those who gifted that kandi to you, because they didn't gift it to the person you gave it to, they gifted it to YOU!

i listen to techno 99.9& of the time and i remix amazing chunes (there are tunes which are good and then there are chunes which are 1000 times better most chunes are hhc btw)
i am currently working on creating my own anthems (the songs everyone knows and can sing all the words to and loves such as eye opener which is the hhc anthem or raver's fantasy which is the trance anthem)

want to know more well then just ask