I am 23 Year Old mother of a 2 Year old baby girl I am an Aries and She is a Scorpio I have lived in Alaska For 13 Years
I am Going to A Buisness School
I Collect Alot of things See Below I Love to make crafts for people if you would like me to make you something or would like to swap something i love to make just let me know and i will be glad to consider it. I love to Get Mail of ALL kinds

The Craftyness in Me
I Love to Scrapbook,Alter Boxes from Matchboxes to Cigar Boxes,I love to Write pen pal Letters,Alter and Fill Journals,Create ATC's,Make Inchie Magnets,Clay objects,Filled Whimsey Jars,trading postcards,lyric books, friendship books, Just pm me for any kind of 1 on 1 swap!!! Contact me if you want to swap any of these with me

I love
♥Shoes♥Kawaii things♥Fairys♥Alice in wonderland♥Forests♥Mushrooms♥Bambo♥Tim burton♥Burlesque♥I am a JAPANOPHILE♥ I love Ghosts and hauntings♥ I LOVE cryptozooology♥

♥Life Savers Fruit Pastilles♥Yan Yan♥Pocky♥Clove gum♥Meiji Coffee Beat♥Meiji Choco Baby♥Fujiya? Pekopoko Chocolate in lollipop shapes♥

Looking For
♥Beads Like these♥How to crochet starter kit♥Plain Chunky Books♥Kawaii Plushies♥Journals♥Altered boxes♥Altered Journals ♥Rice Bowls♥Bento Boxes♥Bento Box Accessories♥Chopsticks With Rests♥Anne Taintor♥fraggle rock♥care bears♥my little pony♥Anime Figurines♥Frogs♥Pretty Fish♥Deer♥Does♥Fawns♥Unicorns♥Chipmunks♥ Pandas♥Black/BRIGHT♥Red/Black♥Cherrys♥ Plaid♥Anime♥Kawaii♥Stripes♥Checkers♥Peach ♥Chocolate♥Sour candy♥Gummy Candy♥chinese♥mexican♥Egg Flower soup ♥pizza♥

I Dislike
♦Orange♦green♦brown♦Most Incense♦Cinnomon♦Holiday Spices♦Jazz♦Country♦Dirty things♦cat hair♦doggie hair♦mildew♦mold ciggarettes♦coffee♦most disney characters,loony toons ect♦i hate gum,mint candys,hard candys,cinnomon,spice drops,gum drops,breath mints♦i cant use emboidery floss,thread,bandanas,tealight candles,eyelets(unless it comes with tool),coffee♦

♥Waiting♥The Nightmare Before Christmas♥Corpse Bride♥Employee of the month♥Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby♥Stranger then Fiction♥Prozac Nation♥Moulin Rouge♥Dirty Love♥Silent Hill♥The Descent♥Tenacious D and the pick of destiny♥Ghost Ship♥The Voyage♥Cars♥Blades of Glory♥Donnie Darko♥Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind♥Rushmore♥The Life Aquatic♥The Royal Tennenbaums♥Pumpkin♥Ghost World♥ Buffalo '66♥Almost Famous♥Pretty In Pink♥The Breakfast Club♥Pulp Fiction♥ ♥Clerks♥Mall Rats♥Dogma♥The Other Sister♥Super Troopers♥Old School♥Napoleon Dynamite♥Stardust♥Brick♥Spiderman 3♥

Tv Shows:
♥The Office♥A Haunting♥Ghost Hunters♥Scrubs♥Most Haunted♥Weeds♥That 70's Show♥The X Files (Fox Is so hot)♥Forensic Files (all shows)♥My Name is Earl♥What Not to Wear♥Bridezillas♥Mad Tv♥Sarah Silverman Program♥Rock Of Love♥Man VS Wild♥Survivorman♥Dirty Jobs♥MythBusters

♥My Chemical Romance♥White stripes♥bif naked♥Arcade Fire♥lily allen♥veruca salt♥♥jack off jill♥Placebo♥my ruin♥kittie♥marilyn manson♥primus♥david bowie♥Insane clown posse♥♥twizted♥HIM♥Misfits♥♥Atreyu♥♥36 crazyfists (alaska represent)♥fall out boy♥panic at the disco♥

Things Maggie Likes
(I would gladly have you send her somthing in any swap or package that comes my way rather than me if you can get the items)

My Little Pony

Curious George

My Littlest Pet Shop

Chunky Pens and Crayons (handmade is fine)

Pocky,Choco baby,Gummi worms,licorice whips,chocolate grandmas cookies.

Kawaii Plushies and Amigurumi,objects to cuddle with that light up for nighttime,

Ds/Gba Games (lol yes she plays with my ds! The noiser the better)

Piggy Banks

Pretty Girls things like crowns,tiaras,wings,tutus,costumes.

I would love any kind of copys of these shows dvd or vhs Spongebob,the backyardigans,rescue pets

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rachel. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 9 projects
*Gasp!* You don't like coffee, mints, cinnamon, orange, or tealight candles?!?! Why?? [haha]
Shala · Anchorage, Alaska, US · 8 projects
Loving the weather right now? Ick!! I was wondering when I saw 36 Crazyfists as a favorite group! Love love love Alaska.
Klytemnestra · United States, US · 16 projects
Thanks for the favorite on my bag! Love Your Fairies!
Mandy · Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US · 23 projects
OoOoO SURE! i've never done one, haha!
athenamat · New York, New York, US · 19 projects
hai swap partner! Happy

I recognized you immediately when I saw you friended me. Tehehe.

I noticed today I've been waiting 2 weeks for the fabrics I bought from etsy to come (it's shipping from Japan but still!) so I'm worried that it's not coming :/ I'll have to get an alternative which sucks because I got some CUTE fabric.