About me, I found my "inner craftista" when I was about years old. My family has always told me about how I used to make my own straw people from the broomstick when I was younger...and it's been on since then. I remember in elementary school, I was always the first to want to decorate the class and cut out everything. Home economics was one of my favorite subjects besides art.

I've tried everything from fingerpainting to decoupage to floral arrangments (even reupholstering the dining room chairs..I have a wing-back queen anne chair screaming for me to find the right materials so I can redesign away). However, my latest passion is making jewelry out of any materials I can find...beads, wire, material, miscellaneous objects... I've passed down my creative genes to my children as well.

I hope to connect and share stories with the many members of this site. I don't have a website, but you never know what 2008 will bring...
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