My favorite crafts revolve around woolly things, like knitting and felting, with some simple embroidery thrown in. I've been knitting off and on for about 10 years, although I'm middling at best. Since I enjoy complex projects more than the boring stuff, but I don't have too much experience, I don't really have the experience I should. However, since I don't know what I really can do, this makes freeform knitting a lot more adventurous!
My favorite sources of inspiration are Japanese crafts and science and math. The two former are chock-full of cool patterns and motifs, so they are a good place to go when you're stumped (molecular structures, periodic table, tessellations, etc.) As for the Japanese stuff, the "cute" things are okay, but I really love the more classical forms, such as kumihimo, costume construction (based around friendly, friendly squares!), and others.

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