OK some facts about me

+ I'm a blonde haired blue eyes weirdo
+ I live to read, laze about and write
+ In June next year I shall offcially blow out 16 candels on a big, black icing birthday cake
+ I am a terrible speller
+ The athletic things I do, is b'ball in the summer (because the school makes me) hockey in the winter (because the school makes me)
+ The closest thing i've come to exercise if the school doesn't make me is surfing....the web.
+ I am not the skinniest thing in the world, but I'm not quiet lovable size ether
+ Writing stories is my favorite hobby, next to reading, and sleeping
+ I'm single and loving every minture of it
+ Photography is the divine forces gift to man
+ Retro Rocks
+ So so knee high socks
+ and Mushrooms, reading, dancing in the rain, storms, water, sugar, cats, tea, coffee, OP-Shops, faded shoes, clouds, wishes and dreams
+ My starsign is Cancer and I was born in the year of the pig, so my darling sister has kindly dubbed me "The Crabby Pig" and crabby is usually the mood in which I greet the day in

So in all other words
I love it

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