I have been blogging since March 2009. I like to blog about crafty things. Some things I'm interested in, that you'll see on my blog, are graphic design, embroidery and card making.

I have been dabbling in graphic design as a freelance artist since 2005. I have focused mainly on print design. My interests always seem to go back to it every time I put it down for a spell. Currently, I'm using my drawing skills with my graphic design skills to create hand embroidery files.

I have been embroidering for most of my adult life. I only used simple techniques to embellish some of the things I made. I got into embroidery at a much more intense level when I needed a new sewing machine and decided on a two in one. My embroidery machine triggered a fascination with embroidery and, in turn, a motivation to enhance my newb hand embroidery skills. I love HENs stitch a day series and I have been using some of the stitches I learn there on a frog I made and have for sale in my shop.

I have been making cards since a DeviantArt charity drive in 2007. I made half a dozen cards for some children that were stuck in the hospital for the holidays. After that I was addicted. I loved making cards. The ease and quickness of creating a finished product in such a short time was just the draw I needed. Since, I have made 100s of cards and have sold them online as well as a few shops in the Puget Sound.

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