I am a crafty girl, or woman rather, with lots of crafty friends. I love to make my own jewelery and would love to have stayed in art school when I was younger so that I could have had a serious crafty future, however hindsight never helps, while I may have messed up the schooling and money part, I managed to still have the crafty life I always knew I would, and I love that.

I hope to one day get a second chance to go back to school, or do something anyway for the next thirty years that is craftier than the first almost thirty have been, maybe find a way to create a job doing something I love or at least enjoy and not 9 to 5, but maybe in my pj's at home in my own living room!

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Faith McKay
Faith McKay · Portland, Oregon, US · 1 project
I totally recognize the drawing in your avatar, but I can't remember who did it. DO you know?
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
I love your avatar, someone sent me a card with that print on once Happy