Hi, I'm a person. So, I came upon this epic site by browsing how to attach a button to a ring. Really, you can google it, Cut Out + Keep was one of the links that came up. So curious on how to attach that darned button, i opened up this site, and was dumbstruck by some of the incredible things people have made. Unfortunatly, my dog got to the button before the ring did Happy. But I've been looking at so many unique and creative ideas, I decided to make an account and share some of my creations too. So far, my projects are all versions of already made things on this site, (I thought they were original at the time :S)But I do have some pretty cool, NEW ideas hidden up my sleeves, just waiting to be made! I'll be sure to upload all of my projects, whether they are done before or not. Thanks for reading my extremely annoying brain thoughts at 2:12 pm on August 15th, 2009 Happy
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